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Mero Macho is a natural male sexual enhancer made from unique ingredients of the Ecuadorian rainforest. Mero Macho has been well-known in the Caribbean and Latin America for the past 7 years and is now finally available in the United States. It has received FDA approval and is a natural and healthy alternative to other products that treat male enhancement. Just drink the small 2 oz bottle 30-45 minutes before sexual intercourse, and the effects will last up to 24 to 72 hours depending on your metabolism. As always with any supplements, you should consult your physician before taking it.


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Mero Macho does not come from a test tube. It is not a blue pill which price defies common sense nor filled with side-effects. Mero Macho is made of natural ingredients and we simply formulated them in a way that is practical and accessible to all men looking for self-confidence, energy, and yes, a good time. Because all the ingredients are natural, Mero Macho is free from side effects that are commonly associated with other such products.